Leadership & Governance

The SimEd Network is governed by a collaborative leadership model, supported by various committees that provide guidance, support and oversight.

SimEd Network Organization Structure

SimEd Network Directors

The day-to-day operations and implementation of the strategic plan is overseen by: 

Dr. Brock Vair, MD, FRCPC, Co-Director
Faculty of Medicine

Brock Vair, MD, is a Professor of Surgery and the Director of Education within the Department of Surgery at Dalhousie University. He is currently the Co-Lead with the SimEd Network and Clinical Lead of the QEII Simulation Program. He completed his residency in General Surgery at Dalhousie University and a clinical and research fellowship in gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary/pancreatic surgery at the University of Florida. Dr. Vair also serves as Chair of the Royal College Examinations in General Surgery. He is a three-time winner of the Dalhousie Medical School’s Silver Shovel award - given for “Professor of the Year” (1997, 2011 and 2013).

Lynn Shaw, PhD, Co-Director
Faculty of Health

Lynn Shaw, PhD, is a Professor and Director of the School of Occupational Therapy and the Assistant Dean of Citizenship in the Faculty of Health at Dalhousie University. Dr. Shaw graduated from the University of Western Ontario’s Department of Occupational Therapy with her B.Sc. in 1984 and her M.Sc. in 1998. She earned her PhD from the Faculty of Health Graduate Program in Rehabilitation Science in 2005. Dr. Shaw was most recently Vice-President Academic at the Pacific Coast University for Work Place Health Science. Holding various leadership roles, Dr. Shaw is currently the Chair of Accreditation for the Council of Chiropractic Education Canada, on the Steering committee of graduate programs in occupational science and aging, is a long-standing member of the Editorial Board of the journal WORK and research advisor for the Pan-Canadian group the Canadian Injured Workers Alliance. She is committed to interprofessional leadership and collaborative education and dedicated to increasing the breadth of simulation learning, fieldwork and research at in the health professions that can promote improved health and safety outcomes in health and social care.

Marilyn Girouard, Co-Director
Managing Director, SimEd Network

Marilyn Girouard, MScOD, BN, DipN is the Executive Director of the Dalhousie Department of Anesthesia, Pain Management and Perioperative Medicine. She is also currently the Managing Director of the SimEd Network. She has held various leadership positions including with the Department of Health and Wellness where she served as the Senior Director of Emergency Health Services (EHS). During her tenure she has created the province’s Lifeflight Air Medical Transport program, the Trauma Program, the prototype for the current 811 Health line, and Canada’s first state-of-the-art Simulation Centre. She crafted the legislation entitled “Emergency Health Services Act” which legalized pre-hospital best practice standards in the province and worked with Accreditation Canada to develop EMS and Interfacility Transport Standards. She has served on numerous committees, boards and volunteer organizations. She is a strong proponent for the use of simulation-based learning in traditional and non-traditional settings since the inception of Nova Scotia’s first simulation centre in 1996.


Oversight Committee

The Oversight Committee provides strategic leadership and decision making necessary to the SimEd Network's mandate.  Members are champions of the simulation agenda in their respective organizations. They help ensure the governance structure aligns with Network goals, adequate funding is secured now and in the future, simulation related initiatives are positioned for success and Network human and financial resources are used efficiently and effectively


  • Dr. David Anderson, Dean, Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Brenda Merritt, Interim Dean, Faculty of Health
  • Dr. Tony Armson, VP Medicine, Academic Affiars, IWK Health Centre
  • Carmelle d’Entremont, VP People, Nova Scotia Health Authority
  • Dr. Lynn Shaw, Co-Director (ex-officio)
  • Dr. Brock Vair, Co-Director (ex-officio)
  • Marilyn Girouard, Managing Director (ex-officio)

Operations Committee

The Operations Committee advises the Directors on matters related to space, equipment and human resources to encourage shared knowledge and best practices across the Network. This committee’s mandate includes maximized use of simulation resources and management of issues. Committee members represent the Network’s four Partners and collaborators and have leadership and operational responsibilities for delivery of simulation-based education for learners at the pre-licensure, undergraduate and post-graduate levels and/or practicing health professionals.


  • Dr. Vered Gazit, IWK
  • Andy Howes, Program Manager, QEII
  • Kathy Johnston, Coordinator, IWK
  • Dr. Diane MacKenzie (sabbatical until June 30, 2018) Member, Faculty of Health
  • Dr. Francois Michaud, PGY3 Anesthesiology
  • Dr. Steve Miller, Member, Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Lynn Shaw, Co-Director
  • Mary Thibeault, Manager Learning, IWK
  • Dr. Brock Vair, Co-Director
  • Dr. Darrell White, Member, Faculty of Medicine
  • Marilyn Girouard, Managing Director

PreLicensure Committee (IPE Advisory Sub-committee)

The IPE (interprofessional education) Advisory Sub-committee provides input to the Operations Committee with the goal of ensuring increased integration of pre-licensure learner needs and perspectives across the Network. The committee works towards increasing interprofessional simulation-based learning and delivery, and collaboration among the Network’s Partners. Its members are faculty representatives of the Network’s Partners, and others who have leadership and operational responsibilities for delivery of simulation-based education for learners at the pre-licensure level.  The chair of this committee is also a member of the Operations Committee who provides regular updates.




Post-Licensure Committee

The Post-licensure Simulation Sub-committee’s purpose is to provide input to the Operations Committee. The goal is to ensure increased integration of post-licensure and professional learner needs and perspectives across the Network. Its members are representatives of the Network’s Partners, and others who have leadership and operational responsibilities for delivery of simulation-based education for learners at the post-licensure levels.


  • Dr. Glen Richardson , FOM Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education
  • Kellie Lackie, FOH Post-licensure Education Lead
  • Marilyn Girouard, Managing Director SimEd Network
  • Lynn Shaw/ Brock Vair, Clinician Director(s) - SimEd Network
  • Jennifer Foster, IWK Health Centre Post-licensure Simulation Education Lead
  • Narendra Vakharia, Post-licensure Simulation Education Lead (NSHA Zone 1)
  • Mary Ellen Gurnham, RNPDC (under NSHA)
  • Bruce Holmes, Regulated Health Professions
  • Rhonda Kirkwood, College of Physicians and Surgeons
  • Margaret Champion, NSCC
  • Deborah Sheppard-LeMoine, St. Francis Xavier
  • Post-licensure student representatives x 2
  • New Brunswick Representative


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