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The SimEd Network’s mandate is to champion simulation-based learning, consolidate expertise and enable practice sharing. In essence, we are the hub of simulation education for Nova Scotia. We help to keep those involved in health simulation education connected and help ensure we are continuously learning and growing our capacity to deliver the highest quality simulation-based medical education in Nova Scotia.


New Inventory of Nova Scotia’s simulation education experts

(June 2018) The SimEd Network has created a comprehensive directory of qualified simulation-based health educators, primarily those who have taken the IMS, SLIIC courses or an equivalent program. The inventory is designed to help connect one another and guide people to the right experts based on their question or need. It also demonstrates our vast and diverse expertise and how our simulation education capacity has grown over the past couple of years.

The document will be updated as our capacity and expertise grow and change.

Simulation-education Qualified Faculty Directory.

SimEd Network submits four research abstracts to national Sim Summit

Sim Summit(May 2018) The SimEd Network submitted four research abstracts to the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada’s Sim Summit, to be held in Ottawa in September 2018. Three of the four abstracts are based on the work of the SimEd Network Operations Committee and the fourth is attributed to Diane MacKenzie and her team.

  1. Simulation training for Interprofessional Health Educators: A High Priority
  2. An Evaluation Framework for Determining Simulation Results
  3. Metrics for Measuring success in Simulation Education
  4. Stroke lnterprofessional Collaborative Care Plan

SLIIC – Sold-Out!

SLIIC Conference

(May 2018) The SimEd Network is pleased to host is third annual Simulation Leader Interprofessional Instructor Course (SLIIC) in June 2018. The core faculty are SimEd Network members: Dr. Stephen Miller, Dr. Vered Gazit, Dr. Kelly Lackie and Kathy Johnston.

We are sorry we could not accommodate everyone interested. If you wish to be added to the waitlist or our invite list for the 2019 course, please email:

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